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  • Carol Hrosar
  • Marlene Morgan

    “I’ve had Merlo for many years, but when I got married we still had separated insurance companies. I couldn’t believe how much we saved combining everything. It is absolutely incredible. My husband and I are very happy with Merlo and it was definitely worth looking into. Thank you so very much.”

  • Dawn Marie Howard White
  • Roger Schmid
  • Tiffany Durst-Droeder

    “Husband and I have had Merlo for many years for car and home insurance and now life insurance for the whole family. No one can come close to beating there rates.”

  • Deborah Moss Murphy

    “Mr. Merlo did wonders for me by reviewing my policy and getting me great rates!!!!”

  • Michael Monteforte
  • Thomas R Bennett
  • Paula Fife Lazzari
  • Nicole Bennett
  • Aundrea Haines-Miketa
  • Mike Dally
  • Anastashia Adams